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Fortnite Ops was made to bring you the best information about the Epic Games popular videogame FORTNITE. We bring you the latest Fortnite leaks, news, tips, challenges guides, updates, tournaments results and even quizzes to test your Fortnite knowledge.

Latest Fortnite News

We want to deliver the latest information on Fortnite map changes, new items on the shop, updates of bug/exploits, new skins information, new Limited Time Modes and anything that we think you could be interested on.

The best Fortnite Tips

We try to bring to you the best tips to become a better player, we’ll tell you the best guns in Fornite and also the worst, some building ideas to keep in mind when you engage with an enemy, the best landing spots on the map and even ideas of useful loadouts.

Fortnite Challenges

Since Season 3 Battle Pass Fornite has been unlocking weekly challenges that helps you to earn more xp and also level up the tiers to unlock the Battle Pass cosmetics. In Fortnite Ops you can find all the challenges guides to help you complete all the challenges faster.

Latest Fortnite Leaks

We’ll post the latest Fortnite data mine information so you can keep track of the upcoming skins, weapons,  LTM, possible map changes and any kind of relevant Fortnite leak.